Fastforward releases FinanceToGo 1.6.3 for Mac, improves performance and more

SHEFFIELD, UK — February 27, 2008 — Fastforward Software today released
FinanceToGo 1.6.3, a free update to the small business finance application
for Mac OS X. The update fixes several bugs, improves performance and makes
importing transactions easier.

The FinanceToGo 1.6.3 update is free to all registered users, and may be
downloaded here:


Changes and improvements in FinanceToGo 1.6.3:

— Currencies and Account Owners added to the sidebar.

— Rearranged preferences window.

— Rearranged document window toolbar.

— The recurring transactions pane now shows if a transaction is active,
and if it is valid by default.

— While importing transactions, FTG now looks at the transactions
description as well when trying to assign an account (if the name of the
account is part of the transaction description, it gets proposed).

— Line charts for accounts no longer show incorrect values.

— Line charts now take the ‘Graph’ settings into account (period to graph).

FinanceToGo allows users to track multiple accounts and thousands of
transactions simultaneously. Transactions can be categorized, and graphs
are automatically generated displaying where your money is being spent and
on what. Reports and budgets can also be produced from the financial data
you enter. International currencies and banking systems are supported, as
well as the ability to import Quicken Interchangeable Format (QIF) format
files for existing Quicken for Mac users.

FinanceToGo costs $44.95, requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and is a
Universal Binary application. FinanceToGo is available in English, Dutch
and French.

Fastforward Software is a publisher of software and games for Mac OS X,
based in the UK. Fastforward has distributed a full range of products for
the Macintosh since 2006. Unregistered versions of Fastforward’s products
can be obtained from Fastforward’s website, (