“Consciously Connecting,” a new book from Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, aids those too connected to technology with insight on “How to Reconnect in a Disconnected World” to themselves and others without the use of computer screens, keyboards or cell phones. 

As a step-by-step guide, “Consciously Connecting” engages readers in a weekly plan of action to unlock the secrets of reconnecting to the “real” world despite today’s easily accessible, digital communication devices, recommending:

° In April, reprogram new thoughts on some old, familiar ideas. When you bridge an old concept with a new plan of action, you’ll feel your power on a deeper level, and that connection is the answer to getting a real power surge.

° In May, honor your energy by connecting to others, the earth, and the good of the planet to become further aligned with your vitality and exuberance.

° In June, reconnect to play and what was great about being a kid, being carefree and unencumbered. You may have forgotten what that feels like but you will learn how to tap into this energy!
Plus, the book talks about developing healthy emotional habits, and decreasing stress and anxiety with your newfound connectivity.

“Consciously Connecting” is available at Amazon in Kindle for US$8.99; in paperback for $13.94; and in hardcover for $30.95; and at Barnes & Noble as a NOOK book for $7.99 and as a paperback for $13.94.