Atlanta, GA – July 28, 2005 – Add This Date to Your Database,
PostgreSQL 8.0 at the Big Nerd Ranch, September 26-30, 2005

Big Nerd Ranch, Inc., leading provider of training classes on PostgreSQL
8.0, announces its highly successful PostgreSQL 8.0 Bootcamp for September
26-30, 2005. PostgreSQL has revolutionized the way developers approach
database management by providing an open source solution ideally equipped
to handle complex, sophisticated database management needs. In recent
years, this upstart has challenged the primacy of competitors ORACLE and
SQL Server by providing a scalable, robust and economical solution to
companies seeking a package that efficiently manages data. Its flexibility
makes it perfectly adaptable to whatever new challenges project managers
may demand from the application without sacrificing speed and optimization.

The PostgreSQL Bootcamp, led by instructor Chris Campbell, is an intensive,
five-day, hands-on class designed to take students through the rigors of
PostgreSQL, from the basics of installing and configuring PostgreSQL on a
server to the more advanced aspects of performance and security. Students
should have two major expectations: to work hard and to emerge from the
week fully prepared to begin designing and managing PostgreSQL database
applications in the real world. The class is presented with 10-30 minute
slide presentations and lessons, followed by challenge problems built upon
previous lessons. By the end of the five days, students will be adept in
key functions such as:

– pgAdmin and phpPgAdmin
– security and OpenSSL
– creating databases and schema
– replication with Slony-I
– SELECT, JOIN and subqueries
– PL/pgSQL functions
– indexing, views, triggers, and rules
– optimizing the database
– pgpool, libpq and DBI

The class syllabus is available at

“One of the best aspects of the way we teach PostgreSQL is how the
intensive training process means that students cover the breadth and depth
of an array of topics,” said Chris Campbell, Bootcamp instructor. “By
condensing fundamental topics into the first few days, students have enough
of a foundation to move into areas many developers only review in a cursory
way. We give them a chance to really study those topics in-depth and get
the insight they need to create as sophisticated an application as possible
and tap into the full potential PostgreSQL has to offer.”

Since the introduction of the beta version of PostgreSQL 8.0 in January,
Chris Campbell has fine-tuned and developed one of the most comprehensive
and innovative classes on PostgreSQL available. Lessons have been honed to
create the most targeted instruction possible, maximizing the learning
experience. Each student receives two manuals that follow the curriculum
step-by-step, and lessons are peppered with hands-on time to put knowledge
into practice. At the end of the five days, students leave with a CD
containing lessons, slides and photos. Chris has an extensive background in
database design and management in PostgreSQL working as a lead programmer
in application development for Big Nerd Ranch consulting clients.

The Big Nerd Ranch incorporates intensive training classes for Unix and Mac
OS X programmers in a retreat setting outside Atlanta, GA. Class price of
$3500 includes lodging, all meals, original instruction materials, 24-hour
lab access, and transportation to and from the Atlanta airport. Students
are encouraged to bring independent projects to class, allowing for input
from classmates and individual instructor attention. For more information,
call 678-595-6773 or visit