Real Software, Inc. a provider of cross-platform software development tools, will change its corporate name from Real Software to Xojo, Inc. and the product name will change from Real Studio to Xojo.

Xojo is a cross-platform software development tool that enables developers to create software for OS X, Windows, Linux, the web, and soon, mobile. Xojo, Inc. will continue to offer innovative cross-platform development tools with the goal of enabling ordinary people to create extraordinary apps, according to Geoff Perlman, Xojo’s founder and CEO. To complement this goal, Xojo will now be free to use for learning and development.

Developers can use the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for free, and will only need to purchase a license once they want to build a distributable version of their application. Licenses are purchased per target platform, including Web, Desktop, Database, Console, and Xojo Pro, which is a bundle license that includes all deployment licenses plus an added support plan and more.

“Our new name, Xojo, is an acronym based upon the concept of x-platform [or cross-platform] object orientation,” says Perlman. “We wanted a name that was unique enough that we could totally ‘own’, but also still had ties to object-oriented programming.”

Along with the name change, the company adopted a new corporate identity, including a new logo and visual identity, and a new website that can be found at . The changes are effective immediately, and all future business activity will be undertaken with the new name.

Xojo 2013 Release 1 is currently available for download at Xojo is free to use for learning and development, and deployment licenses are available in the following options: Web (US$400), Desktop ($300), Database ($300), Console ($100), and Xojo Pro ($995), which is a bundle of all of the licenses that includes added support and more.