KnewSense has released Mac App Blocker 2.0 for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher). It’s an update to the utility that enables users to block access to applications by placing them on a Blocked App list, which is password protected.

Improvements in version 2.0 include:
° The ability to add scheduled days/times to block/unblock each application or all applications;
° The ability to add trusted networks to unblock applications when connected to specific networks;
° An updated user interface;
° The ability to add multiple apps to the blocked apps list at one time;
° Recording and saving of all failed attempts;
° The ability to remove individual or all histories for each app;
° A new temporary lockdown mode.

Mac App Blocker 2.0 costs US$14.95 and is available at the KnewSense website ( A 15-day free trial download is also available.