New York, USA — June 3, 2008 — Redstone Software Inc, makers of Eggplant,
the industry leading automation and testing product, announced the
migration to and general availability of the Redstone integrated Test
Appliance (RiTA) on the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system. By
supporting Leopard, Redstone is able to exploit the latest Apple Xserve
hardware to create robust and powerful platforms from which Eggplant can be
deployed to Windows desktops. The combination of the improved stability of
Leopard and the high-specifications of Apple’s Xserve hardware also ensures
that RiTA is well position to support the needs of customers for the
foreseeable future.

Redstone’s integrated Test Appliance (RiTA) is the byproduct of
collaboration between CodeRebel — a Maui, Hawaii-based start up — and
Redstone Software. Already a proven partnership as a result of end user
deployments on Apple hardware running Mac OS X 10.4, the combination of
CodeRebel’s iRAPP software with Eggplant running on Leopard is seen as the
ideal means of satisfying the high-demand for Eggplant on Windows.
Christopher S. Young, Managing Director, Redstone Software, was quoted
saying, “People do not like working with operating systems that they are
not familiar with. While nearly everyone who sees Eggplant recognizes how
it would make automating his or her test cases easier, the fact that it
runs on Mac has been a deterrent for some. RiTA bridges that gap and
enables the full features and benefits of Eggplant and Leopard to be
exploited by Windows users from their local Windows desktop. For example,
the fact that we employ Leopard means we can leverage new features like
Time Machine to facilitate corporate knowledge preservation by enabling
regular backups of all test resources thereby avoiding costly data loss.
The combination of Eggplant, Leopard and iRAPP is a winning solution.”

Redstone Software’s Eggplant product has established itself as a market
leader in black box test automation and has been adopted by Fortune 500
accounts and small businesses alike. Eggplant enables users to automate any
test, process or task that can be done by a manual tester. Powerful
features include:

* Image Collections enable a single script to test an application or
process across multiple platforms;
* Image Doctor simplifies update and maintenance of image-based test
scripts in rapidly changing UI environments;
* Image Import accelerates test script development by leveraging existing
image resources;
* Text Image Generation simplifies interacting with text on the screen of
the system under test, including dynamic content not known until test
execution time; and
* Readable SenseTalk scripts and a powerful interactive debugger simplify
even complex automation development and script maintenance tasks.

Redstone’s integrated Test Appliance builds on Eggplant’s capabilities,
advances automated testing and eliminates the need for testers to work on
the Apple Mac platform. It provides a central facility for Windows users to
build, store, manage and execute Eggplant automated test cases from their
Windows desktop. Irrespective of the platform to be tested (Windows, Linux,
Unix, Symbian S60, Mac, etc), RiTA offers a comprehensive testing solution
delivering all of the capabilities of Eggplant to the Windows platform.

“When we first released RiTA we were only able to build appliances based on
the Mac OS X 10.4 operating system. Despite that fact, the market responded
very positively to our RiTA offering. We have seen steady uptake within our
existing customer base through the repurposing of existing hardware running
Mac OS X 10.4. The fact that we now have Mac OS X 10.5 support means we can
start to fulfill the backlog of demand that we have for Eggplant deployed
in a Windows environment. Moreover, we have found the new Apple Xserve
hardware, on which the RiTA system is built, to be extremely capable of
serving up Eggplant to our customers Windows desktops. This gives us
confidence that we are not only arming our customers to achieve their
objectives today but providing them with a platform that will grow with
them in the future” said Christopher S. Young, Managing Director, Redstone

Customers can choose between two models of Redstone’s integrated Test
Appliance. RiTA-1020, designed for mid-sized testing departments, supports
up to 10 concurrent development sessions and 20 test execution sessions.
RiTA-2050, designed for large testing departments, supports up to 20
concurrent development sessions and 50 test execution sessions. Redstone
has already receive enquiries on even larger deployments, and as a future
enhancement to the RiTA offering, multiple instances of RiTA will be able
to be interconnected and test resources (scripts, images, results, etc)
dynamically shared between appliances.

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