Apimac is pleased to announce Apimac Slide Show 6.3, a maintenance release
of its slide show and presentation tool for multimedia files. This release
primarily fixes an issue caused by a stand-alone presentation saved to a
folder containing another stand-alone presentation, avoids to save a
stand-alone presentation to a folder imported into the current presentation
– which will end in a hang -, and introduces some tweaks on the audio
control in order to get a better performance. New in this release is the
support for AAC audio files. Apimac Slide Show 6.3 is available immediately
for download and is free of charge for registered customers.

Apimac Slide Show is a slide show and presentation tool for multimedia
files, QuickTime movies, sounds, and images. As a fast-to-learn and
easy-to-use application, Apimac Slide Show lets users to customize
presentations and adapt them to their most varied needs. It is possible to
create presentations and slide shows in just a few clicks, with custom
backgrounds and soundtracks, and control them in a manual or automatic

Apimac Slide Show 6.3 comes in two editions: Standard and Professional,
which run exclusively on Mac and can be separately purchased. The Standard
Edition includes the ability to export stand-alone presentations to run
under Mac OS X and Mac Classic. The Professional edition has all the
features of the Standard Edition but also implements a Windows Standalone
Presentation compiler, which makes possible to run stand-alone
presentations on Windows PC. Stand-alone presentations can be freely
distributed through any media in unlimited quantities, without paying any
royalty fees.

For additional info, including a screen capture of the main program window,
please see (http://www.apimac.com/ss/index.html).

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