QuickerTek (www.quickertek.com/) has announced an upgrade to the latest Apple AirPort Express, adding two connectors to the top with antennas that purportedly give the AirPort an extra 20% boost in signal strength, with a corresponding increase in range.

The antennas that come with the unit can be replaced with other antennas such as a high gain omni directional or directional antenna. With the QuickerTek upgrade, no extra software is needed.

“We love the fact that Apple has made an access point that you can open up and make better,” says Rick Estes, owner of QuickerTek. “We’ve taken advantage of this.” QuickerTek is always thinking about ways to make everyone’s life easier. This is done either by making totally new products, or by taking a good product and making into a great product, as they did with the upgrade to the AirPort Express.”

The cost of the QuickerTek upgrade is US$178.95 with a special introductory price of $168.95 until Nov. 16.. Included is a new Apple AirPort Express base station with Antenna upgrade.