Tello, a SaaS and mobile application company, has announced PassTools (, a product designed to help businesses build and manage passes for the new Apple Passbook.

PassTools allows any business to create passes quickly and easily — from independent store owners looking to create a simple coupon to established airlines looking for industrial strength electronic boarding passes for Passbook, says Joe Beninato, CEO and founder of Tello

He adds that PassTools’ Pass Builder is the first visual pass builder for Apple Passbook and lets businesses see their passes come to life as they build them. Anyone can build passes by clicking to choose colors, images, text fields and more. Passes are delivered via email with a click of the Send button.

The Template Builder in PassTools lets businesses create templates for high volume personalized passes. It has the same visual interface as Pass Builder with a few extras. Once the template is just right, businesses specify which fields will be customized for each customer, and the pass is ready to go. The PassTools API [application programming interface] will generate customized passes on the fly — right from any business application.

The PassTools API is an industrial strength, secure REST API for creating, updating and deleting Apple Passbook passes, says Beninato. With a single API call, businesses can create a pass using one of the templates they’ve built, substituting customized information for each customer.

The PassTools Dashboard shows what is happening with the passes that have been created. It displays the things a business needs to know about the passes with up to the minute data and analytics. You can see which passes have been created, which customers have added passes to their iPhones, which passes have been removed, and more.
PassTools pricing model starts at US$99 per month with a free 30-day trial with no credit card required.