Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Aniuu has announced Hold on Jack 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. In the US$1.99 game you step into Jack’s shoes and your own hands become part of the scene itself. Add to this an array of distractions and unexpected events and his ability to “hold on” is put to the test. Players can configure the game to fit their personal playing style.

Quiet Spark has released Super Speller 1.0 for the iPad. The $1.99 app allows a child to practice spelling any word.

Khayznikov has launched Musical Puzzle HD for the iPad.The $1.99 puzzle game turns classic music into audio-enabled challenges, Musical Puzzle HD pits gamers against the clock to see how quickly they can assemble coherent melodies out seconds long bits and pieces of music.

Viaden Mobile has introduced Sleep Sounds Recorder Lite, a free version of the Sleep Sounds Recorder app for iPhone/iPod, which is a combination of three tools: alarm clock, recorder and sound machine.

UpsideDown Games has debuted Trunky Memory Game 1.0 for the iPad. Based on the classic game of Memory, it offers a way to practice word recognition, letters, and memory. Featuring several modes in three categories, children can match identical images, words and letters. Kids can also link words to their first letter, and the picture to a word. Kids can match equations to their answer, or numbers to roman numerals, or pictures. Trunky Memory Game 1.0 is free for the first level of difficulty with limited content. A one-time purchase of $1.99 will give you unlimited access to all the content and levels.

Boolba Labs has presented Voltage, an iOS puzzle game. The free casual game is styled in a dieselpunk theme inspired by Bioshock. The gameplay is reminiscent of “Tetris” but purportedly requires more thinking.

Pyronyx has developed iQila 1.0 for iOS devices. The free app is designed to allow people to share interior design ideas with their friends and other enthusiasts.

Asobu Games has offered One Giant Leap 1.0 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In the $0.99 game, you strap on your space suit and shoot for the stars. Recent meteor activity has uncovered a treasure trove of rare space gems on the moon.

Candywriter has given us Friendle 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The $1.99 includes seven turn-based games to play with friends, including Words, Chess, Checkers, Four, Reversi, Backgammon, and Chinese Checkers. Built-in Twitter and Facebook support lets you find and challenge friends to games. Friendle can also pair two users together via its “Random Opponent” feature. Alternatively, “Pass & Play” games may be created between friends in physical proximity.

Linqsoft has served up Ava: My Talking Doll 1.0, a free 3D interactive children’s game for iOS devices. In the free game, Ava is a cute ticklish girl doll who is able to repeat anything you say in a funny voice. The game offers cute animations of Ava, which are triggered by touching her face, belly, hands and feet, etc.

Lightsphere has cooked up Draw Lights 1.0, a $0.99 app for creating Christmas lights on the iPhone or iPod touch. You can decorate your own photos, or choose one of the holiday-themed backgrounds, then swipe to draw lights. There are 30 different lights to choose from, including mini lights, snowflakes, stars, and luminarias.

InterAction Education and Zephyr Games have teamed up for Math Evolve: A Math Game For The Next Generation. Designed for ages six and up, it’s a $3.99 educational app that helps kids practice multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

CatfishBlues Games has unleashed Tiny Comet 1.0 for iOS. The $0.99 action game focuses on the use of the accelerometer where, in the shoes of a little blue comet, you have to fly through several worlds, absorbing energy, dodging obstacles, and paying attention to the angry birds.

Designed to be used at home, church, or with others, The Bible Audio Pronunciations iPhone app ($1.99) has expanded the size of its library from 1,000 words to 2,400. It plays recordings of terms, names, and places that many people find difficult to pronounce, especially helpful with unfamiliar Biblical names such as Apharsathcite and Bescaspasmys. The 2,400 audio clips were researched and recorded to give listeners a clear answer to their pronunciation questions. A free version, Bible Audio Pronunciations Lite, contains 400 words.

Team NEETBytes has conjured up Magic Jewels: Flood the Gems 1.0, a jewel based puzzle gaming title for the iPhone and iPod touch. The objective in the free game is to flood the entire game board with the color of a single gem. The magic happens when your goal is to convert other gems to go under your control. There are four different difficulty levels, along with a bonus level, too.

Twigsbury has published Night Before Christmas — Read, Color, & Puzzle 1.0, an interactive book app for the iPad. Featuring illustrations by the Kersten Brothers Studio, kids can puzzle any illustration, or select a photo from their iPad library to puzzle, as well as color all the illustrations with the app’s innovative “stay in the lines” coloring book. “The Night Before Christmas — Read, Color, & Puzzle”  includes custom recordings of 12 classic holiday melodies. It’s free; additional puzzle and coloring features may be unlocked for $0.99.

Angry Orange Studios has grown Fruits Collector 1.0 for iOS. In the game players get to slash, grab, and tap different fruits in one of four gameplay modes. Most fruits can only be slashed after they’ve fallen from the tree and before they hit the ground. Fruits Collector 1.0 costs $1.99; Fruits Collector HD Lite 1.0 (iPad) is free.

YFactory has announced YooHoo & Friends — Action Sticker HD 1.0 for iOS. The $1.99 education app allows young children to follow the adventures of the world-famous, stuffed toy characters based on animals, many endangered species, created by Aurora World. The animated, interactive app features 12 different adventures starring YooHoo, Sparkee, Roodee, Lemmee, and Ringring. Employing Gardner’s theory of “Multiple Intelligences,” the app’s stories, games, and puzzles engage kids on every level.

Tasa Graphic Arts has released Puzzling Plates 1.0 for the iPad. The $1.99 app provides an interactive experience that inspires you to explore the tectonic plates that make up the surface of Earth. The app includes three levels, each with an interactive experience and a bonus activity. You move tectonic plates into position like a jigsaw puzzle, find where earthquakes and volcanoes form, discover how plates interact at plate boundaries, and more.

Media Halbig Productions has introduced Juggle with Mr Marcus 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The $0.99 app is designed to teach you how to juggle, do juggling tricks, and make juggling balls. The application also provides step-by-step instructions for how to ride a unicycle.

SSA Mobile has launched Downloads Pro 1.0 for iOS. The $1.99 app features an integrated multi-window Safari-like web browser and full-featured download manager, Downloads Pro was specifically created to download anything from the web to your device and then view/play, organize, share and transfer downloaded files to your computer. Among its features are a powerful multi-format document viewer and media player, as well as a built-in passcode lock to protect your data. has debuted Sphinx Puzzle for the iPhone and iPad. In the $0.99 game, the goal is to lay down the suggested figures moving and rotating seven simple geometric shapes.

Cute Logic have rolled out Front Page Snapper, a $0.99 camera app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It lets users create newspaper front pages starring themselves and their friends and families. These can be shared via email and Twitter.