MechanicIcon has released the Brilliant Toolbar Icons (, an US$399 collection of professional icons that can be used on any web page or application user interface.  

The Brilliant Toolbar Icons bundle includes a number of icons in three display formats: Normal, Hot, and Disabled. Normal format icons are standard icons that would be used to indicate an enabled feature in a user interface.

Hot format icons are slightly highlighted, and can be used to indicate focus or a mouse-click on a specific element in your user interface. Disabled icons are used when you would like to indicate to your users that a specific feature or piece of functionality is temporarily unavailable.  

Each of the available icons are provided in a variety of display resolutions, including 16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, and 48×48, with each icon individually designed for each resolution. More than 20 icon sets are included with the Brilliant Toolbar Icons mega-pack.

The first group includes icons for use with most software projects, simple Web sites, blogs and forums. These sets present icons for Application Toolbar Icons, Basic Toolbar Icons, Cool Toolbar Icons, Generic Toolbar Icons, Plastic Toolbar Icons, Program Toolbar Icons and Software Toolbar Icons. The Navigation Toolbar Icons set includes additional navigation graphics for complex Web sites and social networks.