New Potato Technologies has introduced the TuneLink Home for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. It provides a wireless link between the user’s device and home entertainment system, providing hi-fidelity streaming audio and universal infrared remote control functions.

The TuneLink connects audio via analog or digital output to the entertainment system and includes an infrared blaster that broadcasts commands from your device to your media equipment. Its Bluetooth transceiver purportedly operates over ranges of more than 120 feet.

The TuneLink Home device is also a programmable universal remote control and includes a growing database of over 80,000 pre-programmed remote control codes, the ability to learn new codes, and allows the user to create custom macros, personalize their remote skins, layouts, and functions.

The TuneLink Home device is controlled by a free application that can be downloaded today from the Apple App Store and soon from Google Play. The TuneLink Home accessory is available at and in select retail locations for $99.99.