I-MEGO (http://www.i-mego.com), an audio accessories manufacturer with a long-standing presence in Europe and Asia, has introduced two of their headphones to the United States market for the first time.

The Throne (pictured) are over-ear headphones, while the Walker Junior are noise canceling headphones are an ideal compact travel companion. Both feature the brand’s characteristic stellar sound provided by two high performance 40mm drivers, according to Matt Altschul, president of I-MEGO U.S. Operations.

Each also boasts genuine leather and memory foam. For added convenience, The Throne and Walker Junior headphones include soft carrying pouches, as well as adapters to accommodate any audio resource, from synthesizers to airplane armrests.

Both the Throne and Walker Junior headphones are now available at Amazon.com. The former retail for US$129.99, the latter for $139.99.