This year at SIGGRAPH 2012, PipelineFX ( will be showing off two new additions to the Qube! render farm management family: a new app named Qube! MobileView, which is designed to make viewing and managing render tasks on a mobile device easy; and a CPU core coordinator called QBLocker.

PipelineFX’s first Birds of a Feather discussion on Aug. 8 will cover various “Challenges and Solutions for Today’s Render Pipeline.” Topics include the pain points, trends, and capacity scaling strategies tied to render pipelines, as well as cloud rendering options and hybrid render pipeline models. After a panel discussion, the room will be opened up to audience questions. PipelineFX’s free Qube! Artist Workshop (RVSP required) will be held on Aug. 6 and will provide a window into Qube! and its many benefits for industries that rely on rendered content, according to CEO Richard Lewis.

Qube! MobileView frees pipeline supervisors from their offices, by giving them access to their render farm from anywhere there is mobile reception, he adds. Once securely logged in, supervisors and artists will have the ability to view job progress, kill jobs and re-try failed frames. For added flexibility, PipelineFX has made the app customizable through Python scripts, making the job of tracking your queue status simple and shapeable.

With Qube!Locker, users will be able to better utilize their workstation’s processing power, as this new feature for their render farm management software Qube!, provides an easy way to lock and unlock CPU cores with a quick click of a button, Lewis says.