Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“Sharp president Takashi Okuda told journalists on Thursday that his company will start shipping screens for the next iPhone model in August, adding fuel to the rumors that the next version of Apple’s combination iPod and smartphone will ship in time for the holiday buying season.” — “The Mac Observer” (

“If Apple is in fact holding an iPhone event on September 12th, it could create some unexpected problems, an investor memo from Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu indicates. Based on ‘supplier checks,’ the analyst notes that he only expects volume production of iPhones to happen in late September. If so that could meant that while suppliers will make a fair amount of money in the September quarter, Apple itself won’t see a substantial amount of money until the December quarter.” — “MacNN” (

“Coming on the heels of multiple claims of past Apple talks with Twitter, including old whispers of an investment in the company, a new report reveals the iPhone maker may be looking at using the micro-blogging service to fill the gap left by Ping when the service shuts down this year.” — “AppleInsider” (