Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“According to two sources, Apple’s new Dock Connector features only 8 pins, seemingly contradicting claims of ’16-pin’ and ’19-pin’ connectors. Although the original Dock Connector contained 30 pins, reports of 16- or 19-pin connectors seemed hard to square with the port’s small size and Apple’s actual need for additional pins beyond what USB/Micro-USB offer. No images or parts for the connector have leaked out, either. Both of our sources concur that there are eight pins in a line within the new Dock Connector, which may well receive a different name going forward.” — “iLounge” (

“Late last week, The New York Times reported that Apple and Twitter had had discussions ‘in recent months’ about Apple making a significant investment of several hundred million dollars in Twitter, but The Wall Street Journal and other sources moved quickly to downplay the rumor with claims that the talks had taken place over a year ago and did not lead to any serious consideration of an investment.” — “MacRumors” (

“Bloomberg and Reuters have joined the anonymously sourced reports pointing to Sept. 12 as the day when Apple Inc. will take the wraps off of its new iPhone.” — “The Business Review” (

“AT&T’s sales managers have reportedly been pushing the company’s retail store managers to steer iPhone buyers to alternative smartphones running Android or Windows Phone, although the company has denied doing so.” — “AppleInsider” (