Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

The American Red Cross has announced the Hurricane App for iOS. It’s free and gives instant access to local and real time information on what to do before, during and after hurricanes.

Nevosoft has released Stolen Beauty for iOS. It’s a free fashion mystery game with 27 levels. As stylists and detectives, players must solve the investigation of what is causing top models, dancers and actresses to lose their beauty, and complete tasks and solve puzzles to restore the beauty and health of the victims.

Akshay Kapoor has introduced Let’s London 1.0 for iOS. The 0.69 pounds app is filled with Olympic schedules and information, plus listings and maps of London attractions.

Tekton Technologies has launched Orderly for iOS. The US$0.99 app allows users to create to-dos using gestures.

Troll has unveiled Jellyflug for iOS. In the game (free for a limited time), players explore the microscopic world through the eyes of a bacterium.

MobileApp Systems has debuted ChopperLift 1.0 for iOS. In the $0.99 helicopter game players use newly developed on-screen control knob technology to pilot your chopper through Solar City. You look for items and hoist them up to use, or complete the mission instructions for rewards. has premiered Projectbook 1.0 for the iPad. It’s a $1.99 notebook and to-do manager. It holds notes, to-do lists, Word docs, PDFs, web clips, sketches, photos, manages task, projects, reminders, and automatically links related information so anything can be found without creating tags, folders, keywords, or an Internet connection.

A retired National Board Certified English teacher has developed an educational storybook app, Smarty Britches: Nouns ($3.99), that teaches nouns to elementary students. Curriculum for educators, homeschoolers, and parents is free and expands on not only nouns but is also cross-curricular with the subjects of art, music, geography, and science; these lessons align with Common Core Standards.

Luigi Savagnone has published Naive Girls for iPad, a $0.99 story of two girls who, after many adventures and changes of fortune, find serenity. It’s a “story of adventure and self discovery” that’s intertwined with videos and photos of historic sites in Italy.

Oryzano Game Mobile has unleashed Ago Monsters for iOS. It’s a $0.99 game requiring the speed of aiming and bombing accuracy with the power of the players finger tip.

Elka Palka Production has given us Elfishki and The Performance in the Fountain, a fairy tale storybook for iPad. The $3.99, multilingual, interactive app is designed to help elementary school children comprehension and reading skills.

Application Systems has created Cafe International 1.0 for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a $4.99 strategic board game. Using the original caricatures from the popular board game, players will find that not every guest wants to sit next to the other in Cafe International. Players must keep everyone happy and seat them at the right tables, according to their nationality and gender, to win. To be awarded maximum points, you’ll need to clear as many tables as possible.

Pocketory, a collaborative inventory app for iPhone, is now available. It helps you keep track of your stuff across all of your devices, create collaborative inventories with friends and family, and create PDF reports. Pocketory is free until Sept. 1; after that it will be $3.99.

Dinoroar Interactive has rolled out Gaias Quest for the iPad. The $0.99 game blends detailed color-filled drawings and problem-solving challenges together with an epic narrative.

BillShare is a new, $1.99 iPhone app designed to help a group of people keep track of expenses they share together without confusion, arguments, or IOUs. The app keeps track of bills and payments so each person pays their fair share. Users can add paid, unpaid, and recurring bills, and BillShare acts as the banker, automatically doing the math and keeping the books.

Panacea S.r.l. has served up InnerTuscany, an iPhone and iPad app ($0.99) designed to make traveling to Tuscany, Italy, a much easier and fun affair. It helps you book your transportation, decide where to go for your custom excursions, and keep in contact with a customer care number, attended by someone ready to help you.

A new e-Book for children, Dragon and Wolf 1.0, about usual boys and their unusual tricks is now available for $0.99.

Appular has cooke dup GoSum for iOS. It’s a $0.99 game that pits players’ numerical skills against their friends, with gameplay similar to popular word games such as Words With Friends and Scrabble. However, GoSum allows players to enjoy 2, 3, or even 4-player games against anyone in the world.