Beezwax Datatools has released InspectorPro 4 (, a new version of the developer tool for FileMaker 12 database analysis.

Rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of FileMaker 12’s new architecture, InspectorPro 4 is purportedly up to 10 times faster than previous versions at processing FileMaker Database Design Reports. InspectorPro 4 provides deeper analysis of database elements, a central dashboard, localized user interface options, and data visualizations.

InspectorPro 4 works with FileMaker 12 databases and is available now for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and OS X 10.7 Lion. A version for Windows is scheduled for release this fall. FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced is required for a developer to generate the DDR (Database Design Report) to be used for analysis.

InspectorPro 4 is priced at US$495 for new customers, and is available for purchase and immediate download. A Team License (for up to five users) is $1,295. A full-feature trial download is available. Upgrade pricing, and options for educational and non-profit pricing are available via Beezwax. The previous product version, Inspector Pro 3, is available for purchase for use with FileMaker Pro versions 8 through 11.

Beezwax is demonstrating the new InspectorPro 4 at the 2012 FileMaker Developers Conference. It will be held in Miami, Florida, July 16-19. Go to the FileMaker web site ( for details.