Apple has once again updated its .Mac Web site with new freebies for its members, this time adding eight free classic board games from Freeverse, as well as offering a US$10 discount on a 3D Hearts and Spades game. “From a thought-provoking game of chess to a quick round of tic tac toe, Deluxe Board Games from Freeverse offer hours of entertainment for everyone. This suite of eight classic board games — Chess, Checkers, 7th Fleet, 4 In A Row, Go, Mancala, Tic Tac Toe, and Reversi — (a US$20 value) is yours free just for being a .Mac member. Mac members enjoy a US$10 discount on 3D Hearts and 3D Spades, the colorful card games from Freeverse. Start by downloading the shareware versions of Hearts and Spades. Try them out online, then upgrade to the deluxe versions to enjoy features such as music, backgrounds, and dozens of built-in opponents.”