In a move that should make it easier for Apple to implement its spaceship-shaped headquarters in Cupertino, California, by 2015, Gov. Jerry Brown announced that the project has been approved for a streamlined treatment as it moves through the environmental review process, reports “The Mercury News” (

“Apple’s state-of-the art campus brings at least $100 million dollars in investment to California and generates no additional greenhouse gas emissions,” Brown said in a statement to the newspaper, listing two of the requirements Apple had met to qualify under the law. “On-site fuel cells and 650,000 square feet of solar panels will provide clean, renewable energy for more than 12,000 Apple employees on the new campus.”

Fast-tracking the project, however, doesn’t mean construction will begin any sooner than the early-2013 time period Apple had previously announced. But by qualifying as a “leadership project” under legislation signed into law last year, “Apple will enjoy a smoother judicial review process if legal action is brought against the project,” notes “The Mercury News.”

Located on a former HP property, Apple wants to build a spaceship-looking headquarters that will hold 12,000 employees. According to “TechCrunch” ( key facts about the new Apple campus are:

° The design will include a courtyard in the middle and curved glass all the way around.

° Apple will transform an area that’s 20% landscaping to 80% landscaping by putting most of the building’s parking underground.

° There are 3,700 trees in the area at the moment, Jobs has hired an arborist from Stanford to take the area up to 6,000 trees.

° The plan is to build a four-story high building and four-story parking structure.

° The campus will include an energy center, and natural gas will be the primary source of power, using the grid as backup.

° There will be an auditorium, fitness center and some R & D buildings.

° Apple plans a 40% increase in employees going from 9,500 today to 13, 000 in 2015.

° Apple wants to increase the campus’ space 20% from 2.6 million to 3.1 million square feet.

° Landscaping will increase 60% from 3,700 to 6,000.

° Surface parking will decrease 90% from 9,800 to 1,200 .

° The building footprint will decrease 30% from 1.4 million to 1 million.

° Cafeterias will fit 3,000 people at a sitting.

° The whole building will be designed with the utmost concern for employee safety.