Here are the latest incremental updates for Mac OS X apps:

Tension Software ( has updated Email Obfuscator, a tool for anyone creating and editing web pages, to version 1.1. It’s a maintenance update.

Rogue Amoeba ( has revved AirFoil — which lets users send any audio to the AirPort Express from media players like RealPlayer and QuickTime to audio web sites like Pandora and — to version 4.7.1. The Menu Bar Mode now offers a source selector, among other tweaks.

Rogue Amoeba has also kicked Nicecast — its software that allows users to broadcasta audio — to version 1.10.5. The Instant On component has been updated to version 6, with improvements to System Audio capture and more. This update also includes preliminary support for Mountain Lion. has updated its “A Better Finder Attributes” utility ( — which can change Finder attributes, such as creation and modification dates — to version 5.16. The upgrade offers Retina display-optimized drawing and artwork.