The Wholesale Application Community ( has been laying out its philosophy ahead of a promised business plan next month, and all-out war with Apple next February, reports “The Register” (

The WAC is a coalition of network operators who’ve been looking at Apple’s business model and wondering why they’re not making any money out of it, with a view to launching an Apple App Store competitor on which they can make money, “even if it’s not as good as the Apple experience,” the article adds.

“The industry has decoupled application revenues from the network investment required to support them,” interim WAC CEO Tim Raby told “The Register.” Basically the operators are building the networks and Apple is making the money, which isn’t what the operators want, the article adds.
WAC was established to increase the overall market for mobile apps. Teh company is a not-for-profit open global alliance of 24 of the world’s leading telecommunications operators and three leading device manufacturers “that will establish a simple route to market for developers and provide access to the latest and widest range of innovative applications and services to as many customers as possible worldwide.”