Here are the latest incremental updates for Mac OS X apps:

Zevrix Solutions ( has announced Output Factory 1.2.4, a feature update to its professional solution to automate output from Adobe InDesign. The new version lets users export InDesign books as a single files consisting of all InDesign documents within the book.

MaBaSoft ( has released Application Wizard 3.3, an update to their menu-based application launcher, quitter, and switcher for Mac OS X. The upgrade features completely revised previews.

Amuse has given us My Living Desktop 5.0.9 (, a new version of their video desktop and screen saver utility. It’s a maintenance update with some bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Apparent Software has announced the availability of Socialite 1.4.2 (, an update of the multi-service social network client designed to make it easy stay up-to-date with the latest RSS articles and friends’ status updates on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. The upgrade fixes several bugs and adds support for the upcoming Mountain Lion.