has announced the open-beta launch of a cloud-based service that collects documents from multiple sources and intelligently organizes and stores them in a single, secure place. The native app for OS X is now available for download and the Windows 8 Metro app has been submitted to the Windows 8 store.

Apps for iOS, Android and other platforms, as well as integration for Google Docs, will be launched in the coming weeks. With’s native apps, documents are self-organized and accessible on all relevant platforms in a readily available alternative to the disparate search, file sharing and other collaboration services currently available, according to Frank Thelen,’s co-founder and CEO. Now, documents are easier than ever to find, work with, and share with family, friends and colleagues, he adds. automatically collects documents from your hard drive, as well as from online services such as your email account via IMAP integration to allow importing of documents from attachments. The documents in are automatically organized through intelligent proprietary algorithms — including Optical Character Recognition, keyword and date extraction — to organize and tag documents.

Once tagged, organizes the documents by intuitive tag categories such as people, organization, place, and document type, making your documents a cinch to locate, says Thelen. This enables search capabilities where users can enter single or multiple keyword combinations to effortlessly find and instantly view and edit documents, he adds. is free and available to everyone at . For cloud-based storage with backup and syncing, a “freemium” pricing model applies. Just remember: beta software is unfinished software so use with care.