nova media has unveiled FrameLoader, software for synchronizing digital picture frames with Mac OS X. It features a one-click sync of iPhoto albums, iTunes playlists and custom media files.

FrameLoader will convert pictures, music and videos automatically into a format that can be displayed by the chosen digital fotoframe. It works with most digital picture frames, USB memory sticks and memory cards.

To select the media contents, FrameLoader displays a list of iPhoto albums and iTunes playlists. They can be checked or unchecked to be synced. Custom media files can be dragged and dropped into FrameLoader and selected accordingly. A click of the sync button starts the synchronization process and an activity monitor displays the details of the sychronization process.

FrameLoader features a SyncMonitor to synchronize media files automatically. Once the to-be-synced iPhoto albums and iTunes playlists are selected within FrameLoader, it’s not necessary to open FrameLoader again to synchronize the device.

FrameLoader is available today for download at nova media’s web site ( The introductory price is US$14.95. FrameLoader requires an Intel Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.5.x or 10.6.x. A demo version is available for download.