SnapTalk 4.1 Secure Office Instant Messaging Released

New Haven, CT (March 21, 2006) — Glass Bead Software announces a new
release of their award-winning secure office communication software,
SnapTalk 4.1. This release contains several new enhancements including
password protection, keyboard shortcuts, and Bonjour support for Windows.

Glass Bead’s secure instant messaging and file transfer software – SnapTalk
4.1 runs cross-platform on networked PC and Macintosh computers. SnapTalk
runs either with or without a server and can connect remote offices. The
software sells for less than $16 per user with educational, non-profit and
volume discounts available.

New Features Include:

– Password protection.

– Added drag and drop functionality. Files can be dropped anywhere on the
main window.

– Customizable sounds for system events.

– SnapTalk can be minimized to the System Tray on Windows.

– Windows XP and 2000 Bonjour support added for efficient discovery of
other users.

– Web links and email addresses are indicated with a cursor change.

– Additional right click / control click support for cut, copy and paste.

– Path of attached files and folders is displayed.

– All Snapbacks now have keyboard shortcuts.

About Glass Bead Software

Founded in 1990, Glass Bead Software ( is a leader in
both PC and Macintosh OS based messaging, email and file transfer software
for small to medium sized businesses. Glass Bead Software services business
in the legal, educational, medical, insurance, architectural, graphic art,
television and film markets with affordable, easy to maintain, secure
messaging solutions.