Sanho Corp.’s HyperShield ( Back Cover for the iPad 2 makes a great companion for the iPad 2 and the popular Smart Cover — if you’re not looking for a hard protection option for the backside of the Apple tablet.

Available in 11 matching colors, the US$19.95 HyperShield complements the Apple Smart Cover by offering a level of protection for the iPad 2’s aluminum back and other areas left exposed by the latter. Available in 10 “Smart Cover” colors (grey, blue, green, orange, pink, cream, tan, black, navy, red) plus an additional “clear” color, HyperShield works with the Smart Cover to offer complete protection of the iPad 2.

The back cover is made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) with gel-like shock absorbing properties. It’s only 1.4mm thick, is dirt-proof, washable and recyclable.

However, unlike the the $29.95 SmartFit 2 (see our review at, it’s not a hard shell, which means it’s not quite as rugged as the SmartFit 2. Also, the HyperShield Back Cover covers the Apple logo, which may be an aesthetic concern for some.

That said, the HyperShield is a reasonably priced product that looks good and does offer a decent level of protection against dings and scratches. If you carry your iPad 2 in a case or bag when traveling, it will serve you well. If, however, you traipse down to the coffee shop or across campus with the iPad 2 in hand, I’d recommend the SmartFit 2.

Rating: 7 out of 10

— Dennis Sellers