Griffin Technology has released both the Component Video Cable and
the Composite Video Cable for iPod. Both cables deliver video and
audio to televisions, computer monitors and home entertainment
systems — enabling iPod users everywhere to enjoy their favorite
movies, TV shows and music on their larger screens and speakers.

Both of Griffin’s new cables plug into iPod via the 30-pin Dock
Connector. Component Video Cable delivers analog video and stereo
audio to home entertainment systems and monitors that have RGB
inputs. The Composite Video Cable provides composite video and stereo
audio for TVs and home entertainment systems that have yellow-coded
composite video inputs. All cable connectors are color-coded.

Both Griffin’s Component and Composite Video Cables for iPod,
US$49.99, are now available at major retailers and on Griffin’s web

Griffin has also included their best-selling PowerBlock AC wall
charger so users will be able to charge their iPod while viewing.