At its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced new MacBook Airs and Pros — including the next-generation model of the latter — and advances to its operating systems OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6. The Forrester research group ( has offered some comments on the developers.

Analyst Ted Schadler blogs that the announcements were a “developer tour de force,” and what is most impressive is the pace of innovation at Apple: These advances to the software come only one year after Apple’s last upgrades. As far as the new hardware goes,¬†according to Schadler,¬†“CIOs will wonder even louder about where HP and Dell and Microsoft are with comparable computers.”

The new features available on iOS 6 will enable the second generation of apps –much like Apple’s ecosystem enabled the first — Forrester analyst Thomas Husson writes. Of particular note is news of Apple’s new mapping application.

“This is mostly about enabling new product experiences for its own Apple-branded products and for developers to launch more convenient services on iOS devices. Indeed, location is no longer a service, like maps or navigation, but is increasingly an enabler of new product experiences,” writes Husson.