SOASTA, a company that specializes in cloud and mobile testing, has released CloudTest Mobile, a testing platform designed to deliver performance and functional test automation of mobile apps across real, distributed mobile devices.

The CloudTest Mobile platform provides capture and playback of all continuous touch gestures including pan, pinch, zoom and scroll on iPhones, iPads, and iPods, according to Tal Broda, vice president of Engineering at SOASTA. Now mobile developers can easily automate the testing of their mobile apps on the upcoming iOS 6 since CloudTest’s unique approach of residing inside the app allows developers to precisely test their apps when new mobile operating systems are released, he ads.
CloudTest Mobile captures the start and end points of each gesture, the journey between, and the speed with which the gesture is performed. It conducts testing from within the mobile app, replacingoptical recognition approaches and enabling validations based on variable values and internal app state changes. Distributed mobile devices are accessed over the air, eliminating the need for tethering or “jail breaking” and allowing mobile devices — anywhere — to be used in a test, according to Broda.
CloudTest Mobile is available today. You can download your free version of CloudTest Lite at . SOASTA will be hosting a webinar titled, “Are Your Mobile Apps Rock Star Ready?” on Tuesday, June 19, 10 am (Pacific). For more information or to register, go to .