FileMaker, Inc. has announced the latest FileMaker Training Series, which is designed to help developers master the essentials of FileMaker 12. The series consists of 13 self-paced modules that provide the building blocks for successful solution development.

The FileMaker Training Series includes an 800-page manual and a DVD with demo files, exercises and videos to help guide developers through the learning process. The training focuses on intermediate and advanced content, but any level of FileMaker developers can use the training material to help improve their skill, according to the folks at FileMaker, Inc.

Featuring 13 modules, each with step-by-step instructions, the FTS includes the following topics: Using FileMaker Pro; Working with Fields; Data Modeling; Working with Layouts; Calculation Functions; Scripts; Reporting; Security; Intermediate and Advanced Techniques; FileMaker Server; Connectivity; Web Publishing; and FileMaker Go.

Completely self-paced, the FTS delivers best practices for using the new features in FileMaker 12 software including how to best utilize the new design tools, leverage the new capabilities in the enhanced container fields, create layouts optimized for the iPad and iPhone, and more. The training series also provides the foundation necessary for developers planning to take the FileMaker 12 Certification exam, scheduled for availability beginning in July 2012.

Previously priced at US$99, the FileMaker Training Series is now available for$39.99 with a printed manual and DVD.  An electronic download version is available for $19.99. You can order at .

For those who prefer to get training in a live classroom setting, FileMaker Authorized Trainers offer courses on the FileMaker Training Series. FileMaker Authorized Trainers are selected and instructed by FileMaker, Inc. ( on delivering the series as a course.