Many Tricks has released version 3.0 of Moom, their window move and zoom utility for Mac OS X. The upgrade adds the ability to move and zoom a window by dragging them to a screen edge or corner.

Users can also undo any Moom action — whether drag-initiated or not — by dragging the window. What’s more, users can control the delay before the drag-to-edge/corner action becomes active, setting it for anywhere from no delay to three seconds.

Moom 3 is a free upgrade for owners of any previous version of the program; the full version retails for US$10. However, it will be available for $5 through the end of June. After that, Moom 3 returns to its listed $10 price point.

Moom 3 is available via both the Mac App Store and from the Many Tricks web site ( (Moom 3 is unable to be sandboxed under Apple’s current sandboxing rules, so this is the final new-feature version for the App Store, barring any changes to the sandboxing rules.)