A riot broke out at a Foxconn workers’ dormitory in Chengdu after hundreds of workers got involved in a clash with security guards, according to reports from Chinese human rights website, Molihua, reports “The Register” (http://macte.ch/nQEye). Foxconn manufactures lots of tech products, including some iPhones and iPads.

The incident at the dorm started at about 9 pm on Monday and reportedly escalated into a full-scale riot involving three to four male dormitories, and up to 1,000 employees. It lasted for two hours before local police quelled the disturbance, say reports.

According to “The Register,” the disturbance broke out after two security guards “tried to stop a thief”, according to the story on Molihua, and then escalated after workers took advantage of the trouble to air long-held dissatisfaction with the guards. There were reportedly dozens of arrests.