SANTA MONICA, California-January 17 2002- See Jane Code updates JaneBUILDER
for PHP and MySQL! To version 1.5.

JaneBUILDER is a visual editor for PHP. JaneBUILDER allows users to build
complex PHP pages by clicking buttons and choosing from menus. The files
created are native PHP (text) files that can be opened by any html tool or
text editor and uploaded to your web server for deployment.

“JaneBUILDER’s famous Auto-Janes were timesavers before, but now we have
made them even more useful. After creating an Auto-Jane developed in 1.5,
the developer can save it and reuse it again or edit it and build it over
and over saving time and money.”

“Nearly every feature added in JaneBUILDER 1.5 was user requested. We are
happy to ship version 1.5, A version we will feel will save even more time
for PHP developers.”

New Features in 1.5 include:

Savable Auto-Janes, use the same or edited Auto-Janes over and over!

External db logic includes for Auto-Janes!

Next/Prev Increment Option finds next X records

Ability to limit found results to number option in Search Auto-Jane!

Output forms now include “enctype=”multipart/form-data”

JaneViewer -gridlines in results area and better header in results area

Easier to understand database connection window

Select DB tool now has “create loop” option

Importing now supports more file types

Bug fixes and cosmetic changes


JaneBUILDER for PHP and MySQL! can be purchased for $49.00 and is available
for online purchase from our site.


A 30 day trial version can be downloaded from or

System Requirements:

Mac OS:

Mac OS 9 or (PPC) OS X 10.0.x
Access to PHP 4.x server
Access to MySQL 3.23.xx server
Remote SSH or Telnet access (username and password) to MySQL server
Ability to create, and administer privileges in your MySQL server.

See Jane Code was formed to make friendly tools geared towards Web and
Database Developers. More drag and drop. Less typing. More thinking about
the whole picture and less remembering if a particular line should end in a

PHP is a web language (middleware) that allows developers to build web site
to backed database logic and code. More information can be found at
(HTTP:// MySQL one of the leading database solutions for the
World Wide Web and beyond. More information can be found at