Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“Apple continues to make behind-the-scenes improvements to OS X that will allow future Macs with high-resolution Retina displays to show higher quality images.” — “AppleInsider” (

“Apple could be preparing to kill off OS X Lion early in favor of its predecessor, Mountain Lion, according to the company’s AppleCare training schedule. One source claims that the Cupertino company is already recruiting and training staff for the new release, which could get its debut in June, weeks earlier than expected.” — “Cult of Mac” (

“It it is the LTE capability that will assure that the next iPhone is Apple’s next sales record.” — “Forbes” (

“Apple will be going forward with the 7-inch iPad, currently targeting an October 2012 release alongside the new iPhone, and — here’s the killer — at a $200 to $250 price point. According to our source, which has proven reliable in the past, the reason for such aggressive pricing is to do to the tablet market what Apple did to the MP3 market in 2004 with the expansion of the iPod product line — leave absolutely no space for competitors.” — “iMore” (

“Will Apple or Google Buy Sprint to Break Into the Wireless Network Biz? Apple and Google could be getting ready to jump into and change the network space the same as they did with the handset space. No, they have no track record in networks, but they had no experience in smartphones either, and they are doing pretty well there as the No. 1 and 2 players in the space. When they jumped into the smartphone space they saw an opportunity to own the sector. Mission accomplished.” — “eCommerce Times” (