PRESS RELEASE: CD Folder Partitioner 1.0 available

A new commercial TRI-EDRE’s software utility is available for download and
purchase on our web site.

How boring it is when a folder is too big to be directly copied into a CD-R
(or a Zip), and you need to reorganize its content into folders no bigger
than 650 (or 100) Mb. CD Folder Partitioner automatically does that for you
in a wink.

Description (short):
Split a folder too big to be copied into CD-R, Zip, etc., into folders of
the desired size.

Description (long):
When a folder content is too big to be directly copied into a CD-R or a
Zip, CD Folder Partitioner is the easiest way to automatically split and
reorganize the folder content into multiple sub-folders, each one of a
maximum given size (set from 2 Mb up to 2 Tb). CD Folder Partitioner
preserves the original folder organization, and has a regrouping feature to
go back to the original folder. The trial version is fully functionnal, but
allows partition size from 20 Mb to 25 Mb only.

Price: US$ 19
Publisher: TRI-EDRE
Type: commercial product (trial version available) Version: 1.0
Language: English and French
Requirements: all Macintosh, 68K or PowerPC, System 7.1 or more, 1 Mb RAM

Download English version: Download French


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