SRS Labs has announced that the latest generation of its award-winning plug-and-play performance-enhancing audio accessories, the SRS iWOW Universal (iWOW-U), is now available.

Engineered to work with all consumer electronics devices featuring a 3.5mm headphone jack, such as a mobile phone, tablet, computer or game console, the SRS iWOW-U is a hardware adapter that plugs into the device to deliver a “thrilling, and incredibly immersive personal audio entertainment experience,” says Allen Gharapetian, senior vice president of Marketing for SRS Labs.

He adds that by utilizing several patented SRS audio solutions, SRS iWOW-U retrieves audio cues that are buried deep within the original source material to restore the integrity of the original recordings, providing an immersive three-dimensional sound stage with renewed depth and clarity, as well as deeper bass.

The SRS iWOW-U is housed in a slim, sleek gloss black enclosure that features a 3.5mm line in, a 3.5mm line-out, an indicative LED and a single button to control the unit. Features of the iWOW-U include: an internal Lithium-polymer battery; capable of providing up to six hours of battery life; standard mini-USB charging port; specialized tunings for headphones and car stereo systems; in-line control compatibility; microphone pass-through; and interchangeable color faceplates that create a personalized appeal; and an illustrated quick start guide.

The SRS iWOW-U will begin this month in two flavors: iWOW-U and iWOW-UF. The iWOW-UF is identical to the iWOW-U in terms of performance but it features four additional interchangeable color faceplates, allowing users to personalize the product to their liking.