Four protestors claiming to be from international rights group Greenpeace staged am hour-long protest on the roof of Apple’s European Headquarters in Cork, Ireland, reports “Corkpedia” (

The protestors went on to the roof of the Apple building at Holyhill in Cork at around 7 a.m. on Wednesday, the article adds. They reportedly came down after an hour.

The protest follows a report ( in which Greenpeace criticized Apple and other tech companies for relying too heavily on “dirty energy.” “Three of the largest IT companies building their business around the cloud – Amazon, Apple and Microsoft — are all rapidly expanding without adequate regard to source of electricity, and rely heavily on dirty energy to power their clouds,” Greenpeace said.

Apple denies Greenpeace’s assertions. In a statement, as reported by “NPR” (, Apple had this to say: “Our data center in North Carolina will draw about 20 megawatts at full capacity, and we are on track to supply more than 60 percent of that power on-site from renewable sources including a solar farm and fuel cell installation which will each be the largest of their kind in the country. We believe this industry-leading project will make Maiden the greenest data center ever built, and it will be joined next year by our new facility in Oregon running on 100 percent renewable energy.”