Dolly Drive (, a provider of all-in-one subscription software and online storage services designed for Mac, has unveiled its latest data storage solution, Dock Station. The new product, which offers Mac users backup, sync and storage on a private cloud, will be on display in the storage/data section, April 14-19, at the Las Vegas NAB Show.

Dock Station is Network Access Storage (NAS) that gives Mac users Dolly Drive’s cloud productivity and protection services on their own private local cloud network. The data on Dock Station can then be backed up online for additional redundancy.

Founded in January 2011, Dolly Drive gives Mac users offsite cloud storage directly through Apple’s Time Machine application. The all-in-one-subscription service incorporates backup, file sync and storage capabilities in an application. In addition, Dolly allows users to create a bootable clone of their Mac on an external hard drive for local disaster recovery.

“Dolly’s new Dock Station essentially takes all of Dolly’s features and services and powers them through one simple, incredible, connected device,” says Leigh Kessler, head of marketing, Dolly Drive. “IT professionals responsible for multiple Mac users in various locations can ensure that employees’ work is backed up locally while giving them cloud productivity tools like file syncing and sharing and cloud storage – all in a single Apple-friendly interface.”

With Dolly’s new product, subscribers are able to backup their files to Dock Station from anywhere using Time Machine, Kessler said. Dock Station can push a user’s data directly to Dolly Drive’s data center, offering the offsite protection of cloud storage and reducing demand on each computer’s broadband & CPU capacity.

For more info, including pricing for Dolly Drive’s storage plans, go to .