Acrylic Software has released Wallet, a new personal information
management application available on both Mac OS X and the iPhone
simultaneously. Formerly maintained by Waterfall Software, Wallet is
a database application that lets users store and secure important
pieces of personal information, such as software serial numbers, web
passwords, and similar data. Information stored in Wallet is
encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption for maximum security.

Completely rewritten from the ground up, the most notable feature of
version 3.0 is the ability to synchronize one database with multiple
Macs and iPhones wirelessly over Apple’s MobileMe service. The
upgrade includes a slew of other new features as well, including a
new user interface, the ability to extend group fields without limit,
attach files to entries, and more.

Acrylic has also released Wallet for the iPhone and iPod touch, which
includes all of the same core functionality as the desktop version.
The iPhone version can sync with Wallet for Mac using MobileMe, or
connect and sync with directly over WiFi.

Wallet 3 is priced at $20 CAD and is available for download at the
Acrylic Software website (
Existing users can upgrade to 3.0 for only $5 CAD. Version 3.0
requires Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”) or higher. Wallet for iPhone and
iPod touch is available separately on the App Store ( ) for $3.99.