FormSpring, an online form service, has released an online
form-building iPhone app that’s available at the Apple App Store.
With the new FormSpring iPhone app, users can build online forms and
deploy them on the iPhone to quickly collect information and view and
edit data.

Using iPhone features like geo-tagging and audio and photo upload
capabilities, you can now use your FormSpring forms in mobile ways.
Nearly 20,000 businesses, nonprofits, schools, sports teams and web
site designers rely on FormSpring for a way to create online forms
for a wide variety of uses, ranging from online order forms to
customer satisfaction surveys, according to Augsut Trometer, lead
developer for FormSpring. Now the FormSpring iPhone app provides an
ideal solution for professionals accessing and submitting information
on the go, such as sales representatives, home service professionals,
door-to-door survey specialists, insurance adjusters and construction
managers, he adds.

The FormSpring iPhone app is available in two versions: the
FormSpring Pro and the Free FormSpring application. The Free app
allows you to read and manage your FormSpring data. Features include
data search, saved searches and viewing of file uploads.
The FormSpring Pro app allows users to view and edit data that has
already been submitted. In addition, users will be able submit form
data via the app’s interface. Features include data search, saved
searches, viewing of file uploads, form submission, submission
geo-tagging (location awareness) and photo and audio integration.

To begin using FormSpring, visit the iPhone App Store and search for
FormSpring under the Business category. To learn more about
FormSpring or the new iPhone app, visit