Todd Beauchamp, a former Apple audio engineer who helped develop the iPod’s white earbuds, has developed Unity, a TV stand with built-in speakers, Blu-ray player, and Internet streaming capabilities.

The 39-year-old left Apple a year ago to pursue his own startup, In2Technologies (, which plans later this year to come out with a home-theater system that shares some key traits with products that his former employer makes, according to “Fortune.” The company says it’s “committed to delivering our four core values: refreshing simplicity, elegant design, powerful performance and seamless connectivity.”

“It’s called Unity, and it is a game-changing home-theater platform. It brings the refreshingly simple back to the home theater,” Beauchamp tells “Fortune.” “The goal is to bring elegant design to this with seamless connectivity. It is a TV stand with full 5.1 surround sound built into our t-shaped design that allows it to do a number of things, which is what differentiates us from the competition. Our goal is to be easier to set up than a home theater, provide better sound than a soundbar, and be less expensive than high-end separates. We’re literally creating a new category of goods.