Exit Games has unveiled Photon Cloud, a hosted network engine for the development of realtime multiplayer games for Macs, PCs, browsers and mobile devices.

Photon Cloud is offered in different packages starting at US$ 9 per month. Upgrading, downgrading and canceling is possible at any time. The detailed pricing is available at http://cloud.exitgames.com/pricing . Photon Cloud free trial accounts can be setup at http://exitgamescloud.com/ .
“Photon Cloud allows developers to build fantastic multiplayer games without any server-hassle, without having concerns of how to globally scale and operate the game as we are taking care of this,” says Christof Wegmann, chief technical officer of Exit Games. “With Photon Cloud it has never been so easy and affordable to build an online game. Photon Cloud starts at just $9.00 USD per month so even a small indie can now build a stunning multiplayer experience for a global audience. We think this is a real deal.”