Dashwood Cinema Solutions (http://www.Dashwood3D.com), a developer of stereoscopic software, has revved its line of Mac-based stereoscopic 3D products: Stereo3D CAT. Stereo3D CAT is an on-location calibration and analysis system that’s designed to remove all of the complexities associated with stereoscopic 3D camera calibration in production.

Features include an Alignment Tracker, a Stereo3D Visualizer, and a Parallax Inspector to calculate the correct camera alignment points, illustrate the depth of the 3D scene and avoid divergence. Other features include:

° A Sync Checker to confirm appropriate shutter sync between cameras;

° Stereoscopic Preview Modes including anaglyph, difference, side-by-side, line-by-line, and top/bottom;

° Depth analysis tools that include Depth Mapping and Depth Preview modes;

° Discreet or muxed stereoscopic input;

° External output in side-by-side, top/bottom, or anaglyph;

° The ability to transmit slate and disparity data to an iPad for display in Dashwood 3D chart;

° Support for most Blackmagic and Matrox I/O cards;

Stereo3D CAT will debut at the Dashwood Cinema Solutions booth in the 3D Pavilion (C10514D3) during the NAB 2011 show held in Las Vegas from April 11-14. It will be released for Mac OS X in the third quarter of the year.