Here are the latest updates for Mac OS X apps.

Xinfinite and Yaranga have introduced Sticky 1.0 ( for iOS and iSticky 4.0 for OS X, their Productivity app that stores user’s notes on iSticky’s Cloud server for easy access on multiple devices. The new release for iOS integrates with the OS X version, supports push notifications, allows users to create note lists, share lists with other users, specify list permissions, encrypt note lists, and send notes to other users.

Fanurio Time Tracking has updated Fanurio (, a time tracking and billing app for Mac OS X, to version 2.5. The upgrade has a new template editor, an improved tax wizard and more.

Noodlesoft has released Hazel 3 (http:/// for Mac OS X. The update of the automated organization tool for the Mac adds numerous features, improvements and fixes. For example, Hazel 3 features a revamped engine that makes it more powerful.