GLH-Training presents Adobe GoLive as the premier tool for building
world-class web sites quickly and easily.

Come to the GLH-Training Chicago Seminars, on July 1 and 2, to learn
all you need to know to maximize your potential with this tool. The
seminars and labs will cover both beginner and intermediate/advanced
topics, including implementing advanced JavaScript, DHTML, and CSS
features in Adobe GoLive. Invest in your talent, register for this
seminar today! Seats are limited.

Webmasters looking to integrate FileMaker Pro and/or ODBC databases
using the Lasso Web Data Engine will benefit from GoLive’s no-edit
approach to LDML tags. GoLive will assist you in cutting down site
development time, allowing you to focus on database
creation/integration. Come learn how to use this powerful software!

Visit the GLH-Training web site at ( for
more info and to sign up, or contact them directly at 603.569.8766.