SpiderArm (http://www.spiderarm.com) has released the US$79.99 SpiderArm iPad mount system, an interchangeable support system for the iPad 2.

The modular system allows users to create a hands-free viewing set-up. It includes two base units; a two-way SurfaceMount that’s padded to protect furniture and can be secured to a table or desk, and a three-way VersaMount for securing onto a wall, under a cabinet or near your work station.

Three modular extension arms with 270 degree joints freely adjust to any angle and height. The secureSnap outer casing allows for a quick attachment of the iPad; the device eases onto the base and is snapped onto the unit at all four corners for a secure fit, according to Tim Henderson, inventor of the spiderArm. This casing is connected to the first and shortest “arm” provided in the system, which features a ball joint connection and a 360 degree adjustment knob that provides a secure connection as well as the ability to angle it based on viewing preferences.