Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Adobe has announced Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0 software for iOS devices. Available as a free download, Photoshop Express 2.0 introduces a new Adobe Camera Pack for in-app purchase (US$3.99). This Camera Pack includes Reduce Noise, Self Timer and Auto Review features.

Ivanovich Games has released Operation Wow 1.0, their new multi-touch shooter for iPhone and iPad. In the app — $1.99 for the iPhone and $2.99 for the iPad — you fight in order to complete the missions and be congratulated by the President. Operation Wow features a story mode with six different stages, including Base Camp, Jungle, Warehouse, Village, Rescue and Airport, as well as three difficulty levels and Game Center support.

iLifeTouch has introduced Finger Alarm 1.0 for the Mac App Store. In the $1.99 app, the process of setting up an alarm is simply a matter of moving the hands of a clock and letting go. The cockpit style design allows for a quick overview of the three clocks. The background skins can be changed to create an atmosphere that fits your style.

The Sitter Sorter is a new $4.99 iOS app for parents that lets them track down babysitters and keep track of their schedules and contact information.

The Intelligent Investor has launched Value Investing 101 for iOS devices. Focused on helping people become better investors directly from their iPhone, Value Investing 101 aims to help users grow their wealth, including more than 250 original investing articles, videos, and special reports. It includes a selection of articles, videos and special reports available for free with the full range of material accessible for an $1.99 in-app purchase.

Participant Media, Paramount Home Entertainment, Expanded Apps, and Libros Publishing Group have introduced Super School, a free iPad application specifically created as an engagement tool for the Social Action Campaign for Waiting for “Superman.” Super School takes users through five school periods in a virtual classroom, each of which informs them about the growing problems in the U.S. education system through short videos, articles, and even classic games like memory match and word search.

Publications International has published iCookbook 1.0, its first digital cookbook for the iPad. Designed to be the premiere cooking application for everyday cooks, the $4.99 app implements hands-free Voice Command, allowing its users to speak simple instructions, which allows for hands-free use of the iPad while they whip up one of the thousands of home-style recipes available on the app.

Tap ‘n Cap Apps, in association with ZombiesDrule, has unleashed Talking Zombie Free for iOS. It;s the free version of the $0.99 “talking” style app Talking Zombo the Zombie. Zombo repeats user speech, and respond in various ways to touches.

Algoriddim has served up djay for iPhone and iPod touch 1.0. With the $9.99, users have a full DJ setup in the palm of their hand, complete with a realistic turntable and mixer interface to spin, scratch and cue right on the touchscreen. The app directly links users to their device’s iTunes music library, providing access to favorite tracks. Users work each turntable individually, allowing to beat-match, adjust EQs, loop, and cue with even greater precision and control.

Wuala, an online storage company, is offering its free Wuala iPhone and iPod touch application, which allows users to access their personal files on-the-go and share them with friends and colleagues.

The APP Company has created VideoHunters, the company’s first iPad video platform offering a new way to find, organize, watch and share YouTube videos. The $1.99 app includes the ability to save searches by themes. Themes are collections of videos organized around a specific topic, such as favorite music artists, sports leagues, travel destinations, games, hobbies and more.

Netycom has presented Val Gardena for iOS. The free app offers the user information about accommodation, events, weather forecasts and facilities for one of Dolomitesm, UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. The app includes information such as images from six different webcams located in the valley, a 7-day weather forecast for the region, an updated listing of schedule events and the latest news from .

Sulaba has updated Sign Docs their productivity app for iPad, to version 1.2. The app — available at $4.99 for a limited time — “revolutionizes the document management process and eliminates the need for paper documents.” You can send the file by email to others, and let them return it to you with their signature and date.

AriadneWare has announced LED Machines 3.3 for the iPhone 4. The $1.99 app features a flashlight, clock, advanced alarm, as well as a number of purely recreational functionalities all utilizing the iPhone 4’s LED light. Among the improvements included in its most recent update, LED Machines version 3.3 features a re-designed interface, as well as an expanded list of clock and alarm functions.

TriceraSoft has updated Karaoke Now for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices to version 2.0. The free app offers an organized mobile karaoke experience, and allows users to choose from a licensed song catalog. Version 2.0 includes new playlists and importing options, as well as a faster interface.

Avenza Systems, producers of MAPublisher cartographic software for Adobe Illustrator and Geographic Imager geospatial tools for Adobe Photoshop, has released an updated version of PDF Maps, the free geospatial PDF reader for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In the new version, a new geospatial feature set is introduced to the Adobe PDF specification. Geospatial PDF files are PDF documents that contain geospatial information such as real world location and/or GIS attributes.

Hunter Research and Technology have updated Theodolite HD for the iPad 2 to version 2.4. This $3.99, multi-function augmented reality viewfinder app serves as a compass, GPS, map, zoom camera, rangefinder, and two-axis inclinometer. The app is designed for navigation, outdoor sports, home projects, and photography. Theodolite HD lets users take geo-stamped and geo-tagged camera images and screenshots directly from the app with 2X and 4X digital zoom options and more.

Alfons Schmid says that the latest update of Notebooks for iPhone and iPad adds support for formatting documents. Notebooks allows users to write notes, manage tasks and store any type of document and supports serious, integrated work for professional and private users. The new version allows users to create formatted documents with text styles, indented lists, tables, embedded images and more. Notebooks costs $5.99 for the iPhone version and $8.99 for the iPad version.

Rade|Eccles has announced the release FAILApp 2.0 and LOLApp 2.0 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. FAILApp displays official content from the Cheezburger Network randomly each time the app is launched. LOLApp covers the lighter side of the Cheezburger Network with more kid friendly content. The universal updates make full use of the larger iPad screen; both apps are free.

Silicon Studios has updated iDownload for iOS to version 2.2. It’s an update of their $2.99 app app that allows users to download and share any file from any website. Once downloaded, users have the ability to view files or share them via Bluetooth, WiFi, USB or email. The 2.2 update brings AirPlay support, enables users to download files directly from Mobile Safari and Mail and includes “Open in” support.

BeiZ has rolled out an update (1.0.2) to The Impossible Cube for iOS devices. The $0.99 game was developed to train the mind to more effectively process the information and develop users’ cognitive skills providing leisurely yet mentally intensive puzzle-based entertainment. Thanks to Game Center users are able now able to not only to check and compare their scores and try to get better, but also compete with their friends playing the same side of the cube as their friends do and at the same time.

PhatWare has released a new version of PhatPad, its $7.99 note-taking and collaboration app for the iPad focused on document filing and search, making it faster to find the documents you’re looking for. Another new feature is playback and recording for voice notes. Documents created in PhatPad can be synchronized with the desktop computer via iTunes or Dropbox, exchanged between two or more devices on the local WiFi network, printed, emailed, or exported to PDF.