Spiderweb Software has updated Avadon: The Black Fortress (http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/avadon/index.html), an indie fantasy role-playing game for Mac OS X, to version 1.0.4. The upgrade fixes bugs and typos and improves performance with the Magic Trackpad.

Avadon: The Black Fortress requires Mac OS X10.5 or later and costs US$19.99, though version 1.0.4 is a free upgrade for registered users. You can download the game from the Mac App Store or the Spiderweb Software website.
Here’s how the game is described: “Avadon is in epic adventure in a strange and dangerous world. You are a spy and warrior who must fight the enemies of your homeland. As a servant of the Black Fortress, your word is law. Gain power and influence, experience an exciting adventure, and battle a conspiracy to destroy your people.

“You are an agent of Avadon. The Black Fortress. Outside your lands, there are limitless threats. Barbarians. Fading, jealous empires. Titans and unspeakable horrors. The warriors and spies of Avadon are sent to keep them weak and divided. Your resources are unlimited, and all must obey you.

“But a dark time is coming. Assassins are killing Avadon’s warriors, and hidden enemies plot to unite all of your homeland’s foes. If you cannot discover and destroy this conspiracy, and soon, your people face total destruction. But beware. The assassins will soon come for you …”