Imagina is currently restructuring in order to accomplish a new
corporate mission. The company over time has had several identities,
one as an Portland-area ISP, one as a software development firm, and
another, more subtly, as a software marketing firm. Imagina is now
solely focused on the research and development of Internet
productivity tools.

Imagina continues to develop new products, including the imminent
release of a new software utility called “Holmes”, that enhances the
Sherlock Internet search feature in Mac OS 8.5.

Imagina is currently seeking buyers for its two products:

NEWSTAND: Our award-winning (4.5 mice from Macworld) Mac OS-based
newsgroup server for the Internet and intranet. This
easy-to-configure server is Open Transport-based and multi-threading.
Helps facilitate workgroup collaboration. Ideal for educational users
and small businesses.

NOTIFYMAIL: Our cross-platform email notification client. Helps
businesses reduce network traffic and reduce drain on network email
servers. Variety of notification options. NotifyMail Pro (enhanced
version) in development.

Please contact Brian Caldwell, President, for more details and
indications of interest at A PDF prospectus
is available on both products.